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Land Pooling Policy of Govt. of India

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has approved the new 'Land Pooling' policy. It is based on Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) in land assembly and development in Delhi. It will allow the entry of the private partners in the land acquisition of Delhi. The policy will allow consolidation of the private land by its owners through pooling and surrendering it to the DDA. The DDA will then provide a chunk of the developed/converted land back to the owner instead of compensation. According to Master Plan for Delhi -2021, notified on 07.02.07 National Capital Territory of Delhi has been divided into 15 planning zones. Out of these, 8 Zones (A to H) cover existing Urban Area as shown in the Land Use Plan. Zone 'O' covers River Yamuna and the remaining 6zones (Zone J to P) are part of Urbanisable Area The policy has been notified on 5th Sept. 2013 and stated that the immediate urban extension could be in the zones of J to L, N & P .

Zonal Plan of L Zone

Consistent with the Master Plan framework and provisions, the policies for Zonal Development Plan have been detailed out. The plan ensures retention of both green area and green belt for ecological balance as well as promotes development of areas in terms of, activities / facilities. The proposed land-use and draft zonal plan of L Zone is given below:


The Government has realized this slackness and notified a new plan known as MPD 2021 vide Gazette Notification No. SO 141 dated 07/02/2007. MPD 2021 envisages involvement of private sector in the development of land and provision of INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES as an improvement over the current scheme of large-scale development and acquisition of land entrusted to Delhi Development Authority (DDA). THE BASIC OBJECTIVES OF ZONAL PLAN FOR PLANNING ZONE 'L' ARE:
  1. Improved accessibility / connectivity with both the Urban Extension and the Rural Areas.
  2. Upgrade Infrastructure
  3. Preserve natural resources and eco system

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